Someone’s still buying American cars

Detroit’s output of bulbous, gas guzzling, poor handling, charm-free behemoths may not appeal to the American public any more, but Saudi and Kuwait still love them.

I remember being told that at one time, a number of years ago, Saudi families would automatically get a GMC Suburban for free from the government.
I don’t know if that’s true or not, but given the close ties between the US and its two major oil producing Gulf allies, perhaps an alternative bailout could be put together? All it needs is for every rattling old Chevrolet Caprice on the streets of Riyadh and Kuwait City to be replaced with a spanking new V8 blob. That would keep Detroit going for a few more years.

One Response to “Someone’s still buying American cars”

  1. isaac rozenfeld Says:

    Makes total sense. In this part of the world, an American car is typically a symbol of power. It usually has higher import taxation, costs more to acquire & maintain due to rarity/higher cost of replacement parts …and eats more gas. A european 1.6L-2.6L is less of a rarity and isn’t as appealing because of access….but with the abundance of Sun in the area, I am surprised not much has been produced in terms of alternative energy sources (not for cars, but in general).

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