It rained in Dubai last night, with lots of thunder and lightning too.

Have a look at this video of our next door neighbour – freeze at 29 seconds in to see the lightning strike the Burj!

I am expecting wet patches on our ceiling by the end of today, but there is some progress in that department.

Yesterday I met up with the only helpful person involved in any of our property woes, ‘Dave’ from the main contractor. Dave will be looking at the roof above us to see if there are any obvious leaks. His team will be taking a chunk out of our dining room wall to help find out if the bubbling under the paint is caused by water leaking from the bathroom, or by something else.

This is movement in the right direction, which is a relief.

There was some bad news, however.

The noise coming through the window at night into our bedroom is not caused by traffic or passing planes. It is caused by air for the building’s air conditioning whooshing along in a nearby pipe. When the AC is on, you can hear a rumbling, but it’s not too annoying – distracting if you’re finding it hard to get to sleep, but not the end of the world. As the moment our AC is off and the noise is driving me crazy. At times it sounds like a plane flying past. Having spent most of my early years living near to Heathrow, noise from planes doesn’t really bother me. Noise that sounds like noise from planes but is actually air rushing through an AC pipe is infuriating. Strangely, Mrs Saul is not bothered by the sound, but that may be because she works far harder than me and falls into a deep sleep the moment her head hits the pillow.

Apparently there is little that can be done about this particular issue. It’s caused by stupid design and can’t be rectified without major structural changes. A nearby building is much more affected, I am told. I will be in touch with people living there to see if anything is being done about it.

The second piece of bad news was about sound proofing, or lack of it. Walls between rooms in the apartment apparently consist of one concrete block. Walls between apartments consist of two concrete blocks. There is no specific soundproofing whatsoever and the nature of the wall’s construction means various sounds – chairs scraping, voices, knocks and bangs etc – travel straight through. There is also probably very little that can be done to the wall itself to improve things, even if I paid for the work to be done myself.

I’m waiting for the property developer itself to confirm all this officially. If this is true, which I expect it to be, I’m extremely disappointed. A flagship development with no soundproofing? Pathetic.

Dave has a sound proofing person who will hopefully come around to do some tests and possibly recommend a way to improve things.

Despite all this, our situation is still better than the poor couple who, I am told, bought an apartment that backed onto the kitchen of a nearby cafe. They have had to move out whilst the entire wall is taken down and soundproofing installed. Not surprisingly, trying to get to sleep at night with a fully operational kitchen next door to you, separated by a small, uninsulated wall, was a little difficult.


2 Responses to “Rain”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    love youuuuuu x

  2. Nuppo Says:

    Altough I live in a much cheaper area than yours, I have no problems whatsoever with sounds emanating from my neighbours. And to be honest, I am really surprised at that. I have neighbours on both sides and one opposite of me and I don’t even know if they are alive or dead.
    However, in my little kitchen i have some kind of air outflow thingy, which can be switched on or off (the fan startes rotating). Even when switched off, there is the constant noise of airflow in it. I try not to pay attentio to it, but it can become annoying at moments.

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