The noise from our next door neighbours is starting to drive me crazy.

It’s not their fault – they are not playing loud music or screaming at each other at three in the morning, they are simply going about their every day lives, in their home. The reason I can hear almost every footstep, conversation and the scrape of a chair being moved in the room adjacent to our bedroom is simply due to poor construction standards.

Our last apartment was excellent – you never heard a peep from next door. Other places I’ve lived in have been similarly quiet. I’m astonished that somewhere like our current place, which is supposed to be a ‘flagship development’, has been so badly put together. In general, it’s a beautifully designed, picturesque area, if you ignore the developer’s bizarre decision to spit the area in two with a huge, cobbled, road that is constantly filled with traffic. Quite frankly, however, I would rather swap the nicely decorated lobby and pretty fountains for something less attractive if it meant not being woken up every morning by the sound of chairs being scraped across the floor, light switches being flicked on, noise from water pipes, conversations echoing through the wall, etc.

Whilst I’ve asked the developer to provide me with some info on what soundproofing was done, that’s not going to change anything. Short of pulling the building down and starting again, I can’t see that there’s anything that can be done to improve things, short of sticking egg boxes on the walls or buying the adjacent apartments myself and leaving them empty.

I need to go home and spend some time in London for a while. That will help me start to appreciate living here again – currently the mix of apartment irritations, appalling traffic and infuriating customer service is getting me down.


2 Responses to “Noise”

  1. Riz Din Says:

    Here in the UK, it is our first warm day for a couple of weeks, with a temperature of a whopping 9 degrees. Also, I just went to the cinema in the UK and ticket prices are £7.80….bah!
    I guess it doesn’t matter where you live if your sleep is getting interrupted. Because this problem isn’t going to disappear itself, professional soundproofing solutions may be worth considering. I think the main options would either be to fill the wall with sound absorbing foam or to add thickness to the wall with sound proofing walls/panels. Of course, the sound proofing works both ways, so the neighbours may be willing to chip in a little (?).

  2. Chris Says:

    I think soundproofing, paid for by us, is probably the only route forward…

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