The Range Rover has been back in action after its failure the other week. A broken fuel pump was the culprit, so it has been semi-forgiven. I simply had a bout of bad luck, it seems – failed ignition coils and fuel pumps are rare, but they do happen. These sorts of components are the same across various car brands, so are just as likely to fail in a Lexus as in a Land Rover built car, I am told.

To apologise for letting us down, the car’s happily been floating us all over the UAE. With in-laws in tow, we’ve been to Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and across the East Coast in total comfort. The ride quality is simply amazing – quiet, smooth, wonderful.

Our trip to the East Coast gave me a chance to take it offroad, through a fairly bumpy wadi. This was a revelation. The Wrangler will go anywhere, but it’ll bounce you around in the process. With a flick of a switch I was able to raise the car’s air suspension up to give me better ground clearance, swap between low and high range as appropriate and roll down steep, rocky hills with ease, thanks to hill descent control, all with four people in the car and noone being bounced around in the slightest. Incredible.

On the motorway, cruise control has stopped me speeding and risking more tickets, but we could easily have rolled along at 180Kmph without breaking a sweat.

I’ve also managed to get an extended warranty for the car, which seems to cover most things that can go wrong. It lasts for two years or 50,000Kms – I hope I won’t need it, but experience shows that I’ll be needing it.

Near work the other day, I spotted this Kuwaiti registered Range Rover Sport. Whizzing down from Kuwait to Dubai in this thing must have been a real driving pleasure.


One Response to “Semi-forgiveness”

  1. SJS Says:

    Great….and it’s got the desert dust all over it. And not a school-child or "Blonde Muvver" in sight! Range Rover Heaven.

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