In goes the Jeep…

…and out comes a Ferrari.

Actually, the Jeep came out, but you can dream.
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Getting the car washed is still great value in Dubai. It costs 35Dhs (about $10) to have it cleaned inside and out, including having the engine air blasted to get rid of sand and dust. An extra 100Dhs gets the car a full wax as well.
I was obliged to get the car cleaned properly as Mrs Saul needed to drive it for a while and she refuses to use my car in its normal state.
The whole thing took just 30 minutes, during which I went to a nearby cafe to read the paper and contemplate the excellent value I was getting for my car wash. The Coke cost nearly 15Dhs, whilst having 6 people clean my car for half an hour next door cost just 35Dhs.


One Response to “In goes the Jeep…”

  1. moryarti Says:

    yup.. its nice to dream alright 🙂

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