Richmond’s the most popular

It appears that my hometown Richmond, in Surrey, is the most widely copied British place name worldwide, according to this article in The Times.

This news gives me an excuse to promote my dad’s blog, Richmond-upon-Thames Daily Photo, which gets better with every post, in my humble, unbiased opinion.


4 Responses to “Richmond’s the most popular”

  1. Robert J Says:

    I grow up in New York City were most everything is named after some of the boroughs in England.
    It didn’t dawn me about it until after I had left the place and seen the wallpaper in a Fargo’s Pizza the fact of boroughs and the names are from England: of course, were else would they be from since the first people came from England. The Northeastern part of the U.S. has most the England from boroughs in England: I’a surprised they didn’t write about that. I like your dad’s pictures: intersting photo gallery that says more than words.

  2. Christopher Saul Says:

    Thanks Richard. Glad you like the photos from the most important Richmond!

  3. Charles Ditzel Says:

    I love Richmond, BC. Had an apartment there for awhile – Vancouver and Richmond are great places to live.

  4. Troy Says:

    Ha – I actually live in Richmond. A suburb in Melbourne, Australia. Most suburbs here are either English or Koori (Aboriginal) in origin though.

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