Fined again

Mrs Saul’s got another speeding fine. 600Dhs ($163) for doing 100Kmph in an 80 zone.

Speeding’s wrong, obviously, but what a pain to be fined again. This fine was given on a stretch that used to be a two lane road and has now been enlarged to a four lane road. If you do 80 on it, people come up behind you and flash you out of the way, plus people’s general assumption is that a road that large in Dubai would have a limit of at least 100Kmph.

Still, if 80’s the limit…


I hope that the mobile unit who got us are part of the team that recent news reports say are actively pulling over dangerous drivers, regardless of their speed, during rush hour traffic.


2 Responses to “Fined again”

  1. Seabee Says:

    Right on both observations – speeding deserves a fine but there are some very strange speed limits. Why multi-lane dual-carriageways running through empty desert should e 80kph is beyond my understanding.

  2. alexander Says:

    100 or 101? It shouldn’t trigger at 100 as you get 20 kmph ‘grace’…

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