Tedious expenses admin

I’ve been ploughing through my expenses this afternoon.

People who create a product should be forced to use it themselves, so that they can understand what they are inflicting on their customers.

The same goes for someone designing apartments in an iconic development, as well as for people writing software that process expenses.

I can only assume that the developers who created our expense tool have never been on a business trip in their lives.

Every item I submit can have a currency associated with it, but the exchange rate for that currency cannot be set in one place for an entire report. What I would like to be able to is to set the exchange rate for, say, Bosnian Marks, once at the beginning of a report. I would then like to add each expense item and simply assign the right currency to it.

I can’t. Each and every non UAE Dirham line item has to have the currency applied and then the exchange rate set. This can get quite tedious. 40 expense items from my trip to Vegas recently required the UAE Dirham to Dollar rate to be entered each time. Each time you enter it, the page refreshes. Tedious.

Equally, every meal requires the number of attendees and their names. Fair enough, but I reckon that 90% of these kinds of entries has ‘one’ for the number of attendees and ‘me’ for the name. It’d be much more helpful to have a default setting that uses the most common entry rather than having to enter the same info each and every time.

Time to submit a ‘request for enhancement’. I expect I will be retiring by the time it’s implemented, if I haven’t jumped off my balcony in sheer frustration at being asked to confirm the attendees present when I enjoyed a bottle of water from the mini-bar in the Algiers Hilton.


One Response to “Tedious expenses admin”

  1. Arun Gupta Says:

    It’s indeed PITA to use iExpense and I’m not aware of any plans to fix it as well ;(

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