Chris misses out on history

Mrs Saul and I missed the largest fireworks display the world has ever seen, last week. We went home just before it started, losing our place in history.

The Atlantis hotel on the Palm Jumeirah spent several million dollars for its launch party, a few months after its ‘soft’ opening. A friend of mine from school happened to be working on the launch, handling the sound for the event. His latest claim to fame is narrowly avoiding being thrown out of the event after Sol Kerzner, the Atlantis’ billionaire owner, objected to seeing my friend’s laundry hanging out to dry on a balcony.

Various stars were in attendance, apparently. Kylie performed during dinner.

Personally I’m not a big fan of the Atlantis. Its aquarium is fun, but very expensive to get into. The hotel’s pink walls and interior decor aren’t to my particular taste. It had lots of problems with its plumbing when it opened, but I’m sure that these problems have been solved and that the building has been constructed to the highest standards.

Here’s a video from YouTube of the fireworks.


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