Dubai property grumps

I am feeling grumpy. This may have something to do with flying home over night from Zurich with no sleep, but the core reasons for the grumps remain the same.

The quiet area I used to live in seems to have been ruined by the developer deciding it would be a good idea to have a four lane motorway, with no traffic calming, filled with idiots driving too fast, run through the middle of the area. It’s noisy too.

I come home to hear my next door neighbours’ every word in the room next door. They’re not being anti-social – it’s just that the developer appears not to have built walls with the proper sound proofing or thickness, despite the fact that this is supposed to be one of their more up market projects.

It rained last night and there are wet patches on the ceiling in exactly the same places they occurred last time it rained, despite the fact that we were told that the area above had been checked for waterproofing and fixed where necessary.

I feel an intense need for a quiet week at home with no noise, no traffic, no fixing fixing.


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