Businesses you should tell your children to be in

As the revenue taps are turned off in IT, it seems chocolate is the long term stable business to be in.

A friend of Mrs Saul’s visited us recently. She works as a brand manager for a popular, chocolate bar in the UK. In good times, people buy lots of chocolate bars. In bad times, they buy more of them. Apparently, the lipstick business sees similar statistics.

My personal belief is that the same should go for thin client computing. It saves you money during good times and makes IT managers look like heroes during bad times. Sadly, I don’t have Mars’ marketing budget to spread the word.


3 Responses to “Businesses you should tell your children to be in”

  1. Fourth Breakfast Says:

    Mmmmm…using that logic, ice cream and jeans that make you look skinnier should also hold up well. 😉

  2. whoissecretdubai Says:

    Do you, by any chance, happen to know who Secret Dubai (the blogger: is?

  3. Riz Says:

    Just applied for a job at Cadbury’s and learned sales rose in each of the past three recessions. We economists call these things ‘inferior goods’, where demand rises as incomes fall.
    Hey man, don’t know what the hell is happening to Sun’s share price these days, but they would be a screaming buy if we could rule out bankruptcy.

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