Unusual lodgings

I’ve been put up in the Korston hotel for my three nights in drizzly Moscow.

Unlike the dull and pricey Marriott, where I’ve been in the past, the Korston has a stunning view of the Moscow skyline. From my room, in what I presume was a block of flats or offices in Soviet times, I can see several new skyscrapers going up, as well as the rooftops of various Moscow institutions. It makes a real change to have something interesting to see out of the window, particularly after last week’s derelict building and rubbish tip, courtesy of the Sheraton Casablanca.

Unlike other hotels I usually stay in for Sun, the Korston has a large casino and numerous restaurants, as well as a ‘gentlemen’s club’. The leaflet in my room tells me that this particular leisure choice is conveniently open every day until 6am. I promise Sun’s shareholders that no dodgy handwritten receipts for ‘food and beverage’ will be submitted after my trip.

Annoyingly, there is no gym. I’ve been doing quite well in recent weeks, making sure I get regular exercise when at home and when on the road. I will have to do some of the moves I’ve learnt off my Wii Fit rather than spend my usual 45 minutes of watching American nonsense-TV on my iPod whilst pounding away on the cross trainer or exercise bike.


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