Beep beep, give me kebab

This article describes how people in Sharjah will no longer be able to be served by shops and restaurants whilst waiting outside in their cars.

It’s a shame that businesses that don’t have much parking nearby might lose customers, but the municipality must maintain Sharjah’s clean image and traffic flow.

One thing I wouldn’t miss, if this came to Dubai, is having people blasting their horns every two minutes when we go to eat at the indescribably excellent Chicken Tikka Inn.

It’s quite normal to be sitting outside, enjoying a particularly succulent mutton seekh kebab, only to have a huge 4×4 roll up, park right next to the restaurant and then blast its horn continually until one of the waiters rushes out to take an order. Should the order not miraculously appear instantly, more horn tooting occurs. Mrs Saul stays calm while I get cross and a teacher look is often needed to stop me walking up to the 4×4 in question to discuss the driver’s behaviour with whoever’s at the wheel.

It’s also quite common to see people drive up right next to cafes in the small towns outside of Dubai, blast their horn and sit in their cars, just to have a can of Coke delivered. Think of it as a drive through, a la McDonald’s, with exceptional levels of noise and laziness.

Mind you, considering I was saying how little I was looking forward to self-service petrol stations a few posts ago, I am probably on shaky ground here…


One Response to “Beep beep, give me kebab”

  1. Seabee Says:

    I agree with you, I’m tempted to have a gentle word or two with the horn beepers but I’m sure they wouldn’t know why I’m complaining.

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