Service Hell

I am currently deeply embedded in several layers of Dubai Service Hell.

On Oct 22, our washing machine broke. Two days later, Paulraj popped over, miraculously on time, to pronounce that the PCB was ‘finish’. He gave me a number to call to chase up a replacement and to arrange a new appointment.

So far so good.

After numerous calls, I was promised that a new PCB would be in stock on Sunday and that the repairs could be made.

On Sunday it turned out that someone would come on Monday.

On Monday noone came, but Tuesday was promised.

On Tuesday noone came, but I was told someone would come today.

Calling today, noone has any idea what I’m talking about.

I have tried the entire range of persuasive techniques. Calmness, firm calmness, firm anger, screaming rage. None has worked.

I am now waiting for someone to call me back. Again…

The system presumably works well if you are a Malayalam or Hindi speaking housewife who is at home all the time. I don’t meet those criteria, although thankfully I am not travelling this week and am able to work from home. The guys on the phone only seem able to shout ‘hello’ every time there is a minor pause in conversation, pick up whatever phone rings after picking your call up and say ‘okokokokokokok’, ‘no problem’ and ‘in five minutes I will call’.

In other news, the water heater that was replaced a while ago is also faulty. Apparently an entire batch selected for use with Dubai’s de-salinated water doesn’t react well to Dubai’s de-salinated water. This means brown water pours out everytime you have a shower. Not nice.

The water heater will need replacing. Avid readers of my fixing fixing saga may remember that the last time it was replaced, the ceiling had to be pulled down as the access hatch was too small to fit the heater through. When repairing the ceiling last time, the developer refused to fit a larger access hatch, as it was not in ‘The Design’.

My ceiling will have to be pulled down again.

Set against other troubles in the world, these problems are obviously fairly minor, but this endless nonsense is turning me into a gibbering wreck.


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