Car worries

I’m really worried about a new rule coming in regarding ‘old cars’ in the UAE. Article here.

I had previously assumed that an emissions test and a mechnical test would be the way to determine if a car could continue to be allowed on the road, should pollution be a worry. If it fails an emissions test, fine – that’s not necessarily down to age though.

The main problem for me is the ban on transferring ownership. It’s unlikely that I’d keep my cars for 15 years, but I can see myself wanting to sell them on when they are around ten years old.

The ban on transfer of ownership will mean that I can keep my car on the road until it’s 15 years old, but that I can’t sell it to someone else to use in the UAE if it’s ten years old. I will be able to own and drive it for its last 5 years, but someone else won’t.

This will mean that my Jeep, which is in excellent condition, will effectively be worthless in early 2011. If I try to sell it just before it’s ten years old, any buyer will know that he’ll be stuck with it for 5 years and won’t be able to sell it in the UAE. Secondhand dealers will also know that it’s effectively at the end of its legal life, so a car still worth a reasonable amount of money and in good condition will have to be sold at rock bottom prices, either to someone in Dubai or to a dealer to be exported.

I can’t see myself doing that – I will probably simply put off buying a new Jeep and drive the current one until the 15 years are up.

Same goes for the Range Rover. A ten year old Range Rover will still be worth a reasonable amount of money, but I won’t be able to get anywhere near it’s true value, so I will simply keep hold of it for as long as I can rather than buy a new car.

I am hoping that the authorities decide to implement stringent mechanical and emissions test instead. That would ensure pollution does not get out of hand and will keep well maintained models on the roads safely and affordably.

I expect that a lot of the classic old Patrols, so beloved of many locals, will be gone soon. The other day I saw a beautiful 1996 LWP Patrol, resplendent with sand tyres, spade and spare fuel can, with a fully renewed interior. There are obviously workshops that will refit old Patrols. Sadly, models like these, will be off the road.


One Response to “Car worries”

  1. Scott Says:

    Rather then sell, rent it (with a specific written understanding of as is condition and liability).

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