First drive of the ‘season’

First drive of the cooler weather today – nice beginners’ trip to Fossil Rock.

The whole route is completely churned up these days, sadly. We’re going to have to go further and further afield to find places that aren’t full of tracks and tonnes of rubbish.

The tracks I can bear – after all, there’s no reason I should be the only one to enjoy the desert, even if the number of tour group cars doing desert safaris must now be reaching several hundred on a daily basis, something that can’t be sustainable.

What annoys me is the rubbish. Previously pristine areas are filled with plastic bottles, beer cans and fast food containers. Disgusting. Sad that people treat the desert like this.


One Response to “First drive of the ‘season’”

  1. alexander Says:

    It isn’t just the desert. Like many wadis, Warrayah has been destroyed since they built a road to it.
    Last time we were up there, a bloke had pitched a tent with a light bulb up on a stick in front – and a generator powering it!!!

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