Dubai Mall Delays

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I live twenty minutes’ walk away from what will be the largest mall in the world.

Considering it looks half built to me, I was surprised to read in this article, that it was supposed to open tomorrow.

Whilst it looks amazing and will be a great place to have on our doorstep, I’m a little worried about traffic. With only 30% or so of the apartments nearby occupied, gridlock around the area is becoming more and more common. Having this mega mall open before all the other roads are finished is likely to mean Mrs Saul and I will be barricaded in our apartment for most of each weekend, unable to get in or out…

2 Responses to “Dubai Mall Delays”

  1. Riz Says:

    I guess you could be trapped in much worse places. Take for example when a similar thing happened in Bletchley, Milton Keynes, when a massive IKEA and ASDA opened up their doors. The poor Bletchtonians were trapped in this hideously depressing part of town over the weekends. Things must have improved now, but those must have been some truly tough times!

  2. Nuppster Says:

    Yeap…I work in the area (Burj Dubai Square). It is getting worse by the day, the other day they just closed a road without warning and we were stuck in our offices till 9 PM.
    I expect the worst once the mall is opened.

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