What a considerate husband

Whilst my colleagues are all off to Honolulu for a week, I have just arrived in Sarajevo and checked into the rather prison-like Holiday Inn.

I could have been in Hawaii too, for Sun’s annual sales ‘reward party’, but as Mrs Saul couldn’t get the time off school and I am away so much anyway, I decided that a short trip to Europe would be a little fairer than 7 days away in the Pacific Ocean. Mrs Saul did grant permission for me to venture to Hawaii alone, but I decided to stock up on brownie points instead.

This is my first trip to Sarajevo. Mrs Saul and I visited Mostar during our honeymoon, so this is my second visit to Bosnia. First impressions are that it looks a bit more Soviet than the other former Yugoslavian cities I’ve been to – Llubjana and Zagreb, respectively.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about this job is the chance to visit places that I only know about from watching the news when I was younger. I’d never have guessed, when listening to Kate Adie in the early nineties, that I’d be coming here a few years later to talk about desktop computing.

I’m really looking forward to the next two days. I now have a guy working with me, based out of Greece, who will be focused on exactly the same product set as me. This means that this part of the world, which is showing real potential for my product set, will get a lot more desktop computing related care and attention. We have partner and customer meetings tomorrow and a sales event on Tuesday. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to see a bit of the city. Should be good.


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