Pump it yourself

Some interesting views in this article on Dubai’s new self service petrol stations.

Based on comments from colleagues who’ve used them, I’m in no hurry to pump my own petrol myself, for several reasons.

1. The current payment system is in its early stages and awaits streamlining – you get out of your car, go to the counter, pay for the petrol you think you might need, go back and fill your tank. If you don’t use all your credit, you go back to the counter and queue to get a refund. This is all a bit time consuming – if there were an automated payment system, I’d be more willing to use it.

2. It gets hot in Dubai. Standing in your suit in 45C heat and 90% humidity, surrounded by jostling SUVs and pickups is not fun. Getting in and out of your car and spending longer with the AC off is also going to heat up your fellow passengers. ‘What about the poor pump attendants then?’ I hear you cry. Well, that is their job – a job they’ll no longer have if the new system becomes widespread.

3. I don’t like pumping my own petrol. Given the option of sitting in your car and having someone else do it, whatever the weather, is a fantastic Dubai luxury. In line with most people, I don’t want to give up luxuries I’m used to!

Articles in the press on the subject have often mentioned that the new approach is not being implemented to lower costs. I expect there will be some clarifications in future that will explain the motivation behind the move.


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