One ray of light

In the midst of all this turmoil, there’s one ray of light. That is, if you earn money in UAE Dirhams and want to convert it to Sterling.

Recent weeks have seen the dirham (which is pegged to the US Dollar) strengthen from 7.3 to the Pound.

Time to send some money home. I will put on a pink shirt with wing collar and loud tie and shout ‘woof’ when I hit transfer, standing up afterwards shaking my fists in the air at my colleagues in gleeful victory. After that, I’ll go out and buy a sports car I can’t afford and invest in some buy-to-let properties in Leeds that will never get built, like all good currency traders do, or so I’m told.

One Response to “One ray of light”

  1. Riz Says:

    take a look at the right now…it’s moved a whole bunch in the last 24 hours

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