We don’t all speak Arabic, Google!

I’m not the first Dubai based blogger to complain about this.

Google have excellent localisation – their sites are localised into hundreds of languages. That said, just because a user is accessing their services from one country or another, it doesn’t mean they want to access Blogger or Google search in Pashto, Urdu or Arabic.

It would surely make sense, particularly for users in the Gulf and Pakistan, to add a small link to an English version of the page.

It’s great to see an American company caring about local languages, but Google don’t seem to have got things quite right.

2 Responses to “We don’t all speak Arabic, Google!”

  1. Jason Says:

    I agree.. I think it would be better if they detected the language of the browser that the person is using to determine what language their page shows up in. The weirdest one I had was in London, and the IP showed up as being from Germany so the page was all in German.

  2. James Says:

    And how long, pray tell, have you lived in an Arabic country, Monsieur Polyglote?

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