Mac bother

Bother! No sooner do I get my lovely MacBook, than Apple release a new range.

Instantly my old black Mac will start to look hideous and deformed in my eyes, whilst colleagues in the Sun office gloat over their new models, just after their old Toshibas mysteriously start breaking en masse.

Apple’s ability to make their older models look completely dated each time a new version comes out is simply amazing.


2 Responses to “Mac bother”

  1. Kevin Hutchinson Says:

    I still think the black MacBook is a design classic. But mine is being upgraded ASAP to a new MacBook with 4GB RAM and a big drive. I just love back-lit keyboards for working nights in bed.

  2. Magnus Says:

    You’ve indeed been bitten by the Apple bug… I agree with Kevin though, the black MacBook is still really cool and will be in some ways a classic.

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