Jamie’s school dinners

I’m three years late watching ‘Jamie’s School Dinners’, but have finally got around to it. When it first came out I remember reading the reviews, but nothing prepared me for what’s in the actual programmes. (Jamie Oliver is a young British celebrity chef. In the series he sets out to get British kids to have healthier meals at school).

The kids in the schools he’s trying to help are literally being poisoned every day – all they eat is complete and utter junk, day in, day out. The alternative school meals that Jamie prepares all look good to me – I’d have eaten them when I was at school. The pupils simply won’t touch them though!

Some things that particularly struck me –

– Jamie’s constant effing and blinding isn’t necessary. He comes across as earnest, but a bit of a twit who swears pointlessly.

– If he wants to persuade them to eat better, he should focus on the health aspects. Tell the girls they’ll get fat and they’ll switch pretty quickly. Tell the boys about the kids in the local hospital literally vomiting their own faeces after months of junk builds up inside them and they’d switch as well. This persuasive stuff doesn’t seem to be put to the children – he doesn’t sell it to them.

– The children won’t even eat curry and rice – they’re totally addicted to complete rubbish.

– All the children in the school in Greenwich school he’s at seem to speak the same faux Jamaican patois, regardless of their background, do you know what I mean man, innit?

– Some of the kids can’t even recognise common vegetables. They think leeks are onions.

– Parents are amazed when their children behave better when they’re not fed caffeine filled, sugary drinks.

Incredible stuff.


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