6 months ago we got an amazing new mattress – no turn miracoil remembering moulding back loving wondressnesss. I’d been waking up with my back aching, so we’d decided to splash out on something better for me to sleep on than the 7 year old cheapo I’d bought when I got here in 2002.

At first, the new mattress was a revelation. Firm, comfy, no back stiffness at all. A great side effect is that one person can get in or out of the bed without the other side of the mattress moving at all. Great for not disturbing a sleeping Saul.

Since coming back from Las Vegas though, my back’s started to ache in the morning again. Ouch – I call it traveller’s back, where the top part of my back aches after too ling in an economy seat. It looks like my side of the amazing no turn miracoil remembering moulding back loving wondressnesss has started to sink. It’s not remembering or remembering or loving my back particularly anymore. Is this because I’m too heavy? Surely not!

This shouldn’t be a problem, as it came with a guarantee. Although we’re usually careful with receipts, this one seems to have gone walkabout though. I’m sure the company has a record of our purchase and I’ll be able to find it on my credit card – that said, this kind of thing is usually difficult in Dubai.

I predict two outcomes. One involves going to the shop where we bought the mattress and getting a replacement sorted out instantly. The second involves a lengthy battle, which will finish with getting a replacement sorted out.

I will keep you updated on my thrilling mattress story.


2 Responses to “Ouch”

  1. Riz Din Says:

    Good sleep must not be interfered with! When my back started to feel a little bit crook a few weeks back, I slept on a blanket on the floor for a few days and it fixed it lickety split.
    Some say that once you have had a really bad back, it never fully recovers, so be sure take full care of all matters spinal. A lot of backache is a result of years of bad posture that leads to slight changes in the spine…whatever the cause, get it seen to asap if it gets worse.

  2. Troy Watts Says:

    I concur Riz Din – I had a bout of Sciatica a few years back and my damn back has never 100% recovered. So yes Mr Saul – get that mattress problem fixed immediately!

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