I’m getting a bit worried about the amount of noise coming through to our bedroom from next door.

Considering this is meant to be a high quality, live-your-dream-burble-burble development, I don’t think I should be able to hear someone next door moving a chair around or saying ‘coochie coo’ to their baby in the morning. Our neighbours don’t seem to be being particularly noisy or anti-social at all – they’re just going about their daily business.

Mysteriously, all this extra noise seems to have started just after the warranty period expired. I should have logged a pre-emptive call the moment I heard a door bang during the time that the warranty was still valid.

Having the air-conditioning on makes a difference – hardly surprising that air blowing through the vents masks other noises.

I suspect that I’m noticing the noise now as both we and next door are no longer keeping the AC on during the day. I’m wondering if the difference in noise is simply due to the lack of fans blowing, or whether vents face in different directions when the fans are off, allowing sound to pass through. Having bathroom doors open seems to make a difference as well – noise seems to travel through bathroom vents particularly efficiently.

I expect that the answer from the developer will be along the lines of ‘we don’t care, you’ve made money on it so why are you complaining, we’re astonished you actually want to live there’. I also expect that we’ll get helpful suggestions about simply leaving our AC on whether we need it or not, as well as keeping our bathroom doors shut.

Either way, I’m not impressed. Building the development we’re in is an incredible achievement, but surely the aim is to build quality residences that people will want to live in for years to come. I don’t think being disturbed by noise from next door every morning represents quality workmanship.

I will start saving egg boxes to stick on the wall of our live-your-dream-burble-burble apartment.

(PS – I do love living here, really. I just get fed up with the lack of attention to detail and the silly decisions that get made which make such a difference to long term quality of life).

Right – that’s one rant over. I will now call the maintenance people to chase up the water heater that’s still not working, several weeks after the old one failed and the ceiling was ripped down to replace it with a new one which doesn’t work either.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Buy a villa.

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