Washing machine 1, Mobile Phone 0

The results of a scientific study were published in Dubai today.

The study, which aimed to find out whether a Sony k610i mobile phone can survive spinning around in a washing machine for fifteen minutes, yielded clear results.

After being left in the pocket of a pair of swimming trunks and duly placed in an Electrolux 2000 Washer Dryer, a washing cycle was begun. Fifteen minutes into the cycle, the phone’s owner realised what was happening the experiment ceased.

On retrieval, it was discovered that the phone no longer functioned correctly. This continued to be case after leaving it to dry for several hours.

The SIM card, however, continued to work when placed in an antique phone used by the laboratory for just these kinds of situations.

The phone’s owner will wash his own swimming trunks in future.

A side effect of this experiment is the release of budget for a replacement phone, expected to be a BlackBerry Bold, due to be released locally during Gitex, an IT exhibition held in Dubai during late October.


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