Fixing fixing nears its end

Today is the last day of warranty for our apartment.

There are still several calls open, including the water heater, which is still not working properly, more than five weeks after the other one broke. I am convinced they will have to rip the ceiling down again and replace it.

Once all these calls are attended to and signed off once and for all, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we won’t have to have anyone around for a long, long time. Having people shuffling around, failing to fix simple things repeatedly, smiling at me as water spurts across the room or as they paint something into its socket is draining me.

The guys who do the jobs are mostly very pleasant and seem genuinely to want to help, but the general lack of skills and a common language between us makes the whole process incredibly frustrating.

Some of my newly developed fixing fixing vocabulary –

After colour same same:

After the paint’s dried, please call us to come back as we’ve doubtless missed a large and very obvious section.

Tomorrow we are coming:

We will turn up at some unspecified date and express surprise that it’s not convenient for you or that you’re not actually there.



Fixing fixing?:

Good morning gentlemen?

May I surmise you are here to rectify the wrongs currently plaguing my humble dwelling? How super!


I say, Old Chap, would you mind awfully leaving your muddy boots at the door? Lovely!

Madame check? See previous post 🙂


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