If it ain’t broke

After working without any problems for many months now, my Apple router decided to stop working properly with my Windows XP laptop, refusing to let it onto the internet.

After making sure I was running the latest firmware on the both the Airport Extreme and Airport Express and reconfiguring things from scratch, things seemed to work again. The only thing that had changed, prior to that, was an upgrade to iTunes 8. Hmmm.

Now, however, music streamed from iTunes to the AirPort Express is cutting out occasionally. This used to happen when I first bought the AirPort Express – what fixed it was locking the Acer’s wifi settings to 802.11b. Doing this now, however, means that the AirPort Extreme then stops working again with the Acer – no internet access and no AirTunes.

My MacBook continues to work perfectly.

So, I now have the joyous task of isolating the cause of the AirTunes problem.

First step – lock the Acer to 802.11g.

Future steps, should the first step fail – try different firmware, test with wired connection from AirPort Express to AirPort Extreme, test a new network card in the Acer.

It was all working fine before and I don’t want to spend time fiddling!


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