Yucky beaches

Dubai and Fujeirah’s beaches seem to be taking a pounding at the moment.

We went to Snoopy Island on the East coast on Friday, only to find the seabed extremely oily – my flippers and feet were covered with sticky crude. The normally clear waters were very cloudy, making for disappointing snorkelling. I’m not sure if the cloudy water was linked to recent oil spillages or not, but the whole visit was a disappointment. The oil is caused by tankers illegally sluicing their tanks offshore, to avoid having to pay for proper cleaning at Fujeirah port – at least that’s what I understand is the problem.

Back on the Dubai side of things, raw sewage has been dumped into storm drains and has washed back ashore, putting beaches off limits.

I feel sorry for the tanker drivers who have to wait for hours to drop their ‘cargo’ off at the sewage treatment plant, but dumping sewage into the sea? Idiots. Someone’s going to get in real trouble for this…

Sadly, this means that a dip in the sea won’t be an option for thousands of people during the Eid break.


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