Too much fixing fixing

Thanks goodness for Sun’s work from home programme. Goodness knows how Dubai residents with ‘normal’ jobs manage to get any work done.
Yesterday the workmen were in to do a number of jobs.
Fix ceiling that had to ripped open to remove water heater –
Noone even looked at this and by the time I’d got a straight answer as to who was doing what, the job had been shifted shifted to today morning for doing the same. The guys are allegedly working on it now. If I hadn’t rung up and got cross, goodness know whether anyone would have turned up today to do anything.
Paint cracks on bedroom wall –
Two nice men turned up and painted the wall a different colour, leaving white flecks showing through. They are back in today fixing fixing so that colour is same same and white flecks no is.
Fix water heater and access hatch –
The fixed water heater wasn’t hotting, so a man came to fix it so that it would hot. He claimed it was fixed and left. I then took a shower and realised it still wasn’t hotting. They’re back in today to make it hotting properly. Sadly the access hatch being replaced has to be kept its original size – this means that if the water heater needs removing again in future, they will have to rip the ceiling down yet again. I have asked the developer why they can’t make the access hatches large enough to allow for common parts to be removed without taking most of the ceiling with them. Apparently this cannot be done, as it is ‘a design issue’. This is a special catch-all used to describe idiotic workmanship that the developer can’t be bothered to rectify themselves.
They did kindly inform me that I can avail of this fixing service at my own cost, which was nice of them.
Fix plug in bath not draining properly –
This turned out to be the comedy moment of the day. My favourite sub-sub-contractor Raju turned up to fixing fixing this. After a few minutes clunking around in the bathroom he told me he was finish. Alert to his wily ways, I decided to do some testing testing before signing signing. The look on his face as the water drained out of the supposedly fixed plug even faster than before was priceless. To my astonishment, despite the visual evidence, he simply smiled at me and asked me to sign the completion form.
I refused, he spent another ten minutes and fixed it. Why he thought I’d accept something he’d make worse is beyond me.
Water patch on living room ceiling –
Raju looked at this yesterday and disappeared. Daljit looked at it today and told me it was dust. After explaining it to William, who is very helpful, proper investigation will be done. There are no pipes in that part of the ceiling, but the patch looks exactly like the patches that formed when it last rained. These leaks were allegedly fixed – I suspect that at the time, Daljit, for it was he, simply painted over the water patches and claimed it was fixed, having made no effort to investigate whether the roof above was properly waterproofed or not.
Reseating and repainting light fittings –
When a transformer in one of the four dining room spotlights failed, the light fitting had to be removed in order for it to be replaced. As the fittings had been painted over, this involved ripping flakes of paint off. I asked for this fitting to be repainted and for the others to be removed, cleaned, painted and reseated properly so that they can be removed without damaging the ceiling, should this be needed in future. Apparently the one damaged fitting can be repainted, but the other can’t as…. they are not damaged. This is being negotiated.
Currently the flat is filled with the sound of drilling drilling, fixing fixing and painting painting.
Let’s see where we are after today’s work is finished. Goodness knows what’s going to happen when the warranty expires on October 6.
I love living here – the development is beautiful and the apartment is lovely. I just wish that those involved in its construction and maintenance could realise that doing things properly the first time around would save them an enormous amount of money and hassle later on.


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