Wifely wisdom

After having been feeling odd for the last couple of days here in Las Vegas, I explained my symptoms to Mrs Saul on the phone this morning.
She told me not to be silly – I was probably dehydrated and should try and find a sports drink or mix some sugar and salt up in a glass of water.
I did the former and instantly felt better.
I wonder if this sort of thing is why wives often used to follow armies around, many years ago?
Middle Ages Warrior to wife: Wife, get thee here. I am feeling all weak and feeble and my head hurts. I think I have ye plague and will doubtless shortly meet my maker. Please pray for my soul and get thee to a nunnery after I’m gone.
Sensible Middle Ages wife: Stop being silly. Here have a drink of water with some honey mixed in, as well as a slice of this salted venison I’ve been hauling around with me ever since we left Agincourt. There, that’s better, isn’t it?


One Response to “Wifely wisdom”

  1. Magnus Says:

    It might be one reason why the wives accompanied the men, but not the only reason… nudge, nudge 😉
    By the way, your article in Shufflegazine is going out to stores in the next few days, will put the PDF up too soon.

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