Bomb in Yemen

There was an attack on the US Embassy in Yemen today. The embassy is down the road from the British Embassy, which is near where we usually stay when we’re in Sana’a.
The key quote from the BBC article
“US officials have confirmed that none of the casualties were Americans”.
Genius. Attack a foreign power and kill your own countrymen. Or bomb a school, like last time in Sana’a.
The guys who protect people like me when I’m travelling, who work for both government agencies and private security companies, have a tough job. I appreciate what they’re doing for me and for other foreign residents in Pakistan, Yemen and other countries.


One Response to “Bomb in Yemen”

  1. Sun Exec Says:

    I just want to say how much I appreciate what you do for Sun, Chris – traveling is tough, traveling in tough countries is a sacrifice everyone appreciates, esp. your management team.

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