Hard financial decisions to make

New battery, with installation –

– 1,389Dhs from the dealer.

– 310Dhs from our reliable local independent garage.

I will have to think long and hard over that one.

The dealer’s quote for 2,000Dhs to fix a broken headlight wiper is doubtless also a little unreasonable.

The car was only serviced at the dealer this time as our usual garage aren’t equipped to fix a problem with the radio, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I think it’s safe to say that I will be avoiding the dealer like the plague in future.

What’s even more irritating than the pricing was the level of customer service. Surly, rude staff, one of them stinking like an ashtray, uninterested in helping, unable to check the car in, unable to give updates, unable to answer their phones. There wasn’t even a clear sign telling me where to drop the car off.

Factor the incompetence in with the premium price and it’s clear they are not interested in any work that isn’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


One Response to “Hard financial decisions to make”

  1. SJS Says:

    Perhaps I can make you really angry by telling of the high degree of service excellence and courtesy expressed at the Withams SKODA dealership in Hersham. And the prices are clearly stated in advance. Perhaps Sheik Mo shld ask them to go out and advise! 😉

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