Suitings and shirtings

I’m sure the suit that I bought when I was back in the UK changed shape and style miraculously while flying back to Dubai.
What I thought was two pairs of nicely fitting suit trousers has turned out to be two pairs of oversized clown-cut disasters. How did this happen? Part of the blame goes to Moss Bross, who turned them up too far.
Hopefully one of Dubai’s many tailors can turn them down and adjust the waist band downwards as well. The fabric is just right for the climate here – lovely Italian, lightweight cloth. I just seem unable ever to find something that suits me off the peg though, much to my frustration.
I’ve decided to take the plunge and get some tailored work shirts. Shirts that won’t be worn with a tie can be shop bought, but anything that needs to be worn with a tie has to be tailormade from now on.
I don’t think I am particularly freakishly shaped, but I must be. The usual rule is that a shirt that fits me around the neck is large enough to use as a tent. If it fits me under the arms, the stomach area is large enough for a 15 pints a day man. If it fits around the body, I can only last 5 minutes with a tie on before collapsing from lack of oxygen.
Frustrating, but if I can find a decent tailor and a cut that finally suits me, Mrs Saul will be much happier – the work clothing related wailing will cease once and for all.


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