More blood

I need to get an HIV test in order to apply for a Russian visa. This particular HIV test follows on from renewing my UAE residence visa in May, which also required an HIV test.
Not surprisingly, I don’t much enjoy going to the doctor’s, getting spiked and bruised and then fighting traffic and parking problems to go and get the results back.
I should just get a job lot done in one go and keep the blood in the freezer, ready for the next request!


3 Responses to “More blood”

  1. Troy Says:

    Is this a new request from those wacky Russians? I don’t remember having to have blood work done prior to going over in 2005? Maybe Putin’s puppet is trying to make it even harder for anyone to get in?

  2. Chris Says:

    Not sure how new it is. I didn’t need one for my first visit in 2005, but I travelled on a single entry visa.
    I think the blood requirement’s for multiple entry visas. It takes a while to get a visa as well – 16-20 days just for the invitation letter.

  3. Troy Says:

    Hmm, my first trip in ’05 was a right royal pain in the arse. Firstly getting the invite letter wasn’t enough – I still needed to provide a full itinerary including all internal Russian transport and every night there accounted for in a hotel they could check. I asked at my Moscow hotel if they had been contacted and they said they always are. I imagine the Russian immigration department to be huge if they do that with everyone. Paranoia in my eyes.

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