Taxi talk

Had a great chat with the driver of a Dubai taxi I took today.
He was from Pakistan, as many drivers here are. His English was excellent and we chatted about IT, as he had done an MCSE a few years ago, Pakistani politics and life in Dubai. He was from Jacobabad, a city in Sindh province founded by the British general John Jacob in the mid 1800s. I was interested to hear that Jacob is still held in high regard, despite it being so many years since he died.
My driver told me to Google him immediately as soon as I got home, which I did. There are tantalising links in the Wikipedia article linked to above, mentioning he has an almost ‘saint like’ status for many locals.
Time to do some more research – for someone’s reputation to have lasted so long, through colonial times to 61 years of independence, he must have been quite a character.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

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    Kenneth Jacob

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