Rainy Lahore

Yesterday’s unpleasantness was more than made up for by today’s activities. Four of us whizzed round Lahore in a nice air-conditioned Honda, visiting various customers and making some good progress with various projects.
At one point the monsoon clouds opened and Lahore’s streets turned even more chaotic than usual, with cars, bikes, donkeys, horses, dogs, cats, motorcycles and pedestrians dodging the puddles in various creative ways. Stopping off for a traditional Pakistani lunch, we had to dash into McDonald’s, getting thoroughly soaked and muddy trousered in the process. This kind of thing is miserable on your own, but can be great fun when you’re in a group.
Mild upset at the airport en route to Islamabad – my itinerary printout had me on the 2130 flight, but my booking was for the 2030 flight. At first I was told I’d have to buy a new ticket, but I followed my usual rule – if you don’t like the first answer you get, ask again. I asked again and got transferred for free.
Hassle free transfer to the Serena, where I’ve been upgraded to a suite. This isn’t the first time I’ve been upgraded at the Serena, but this will be the first time I spend more than 9 hours in the room, so I may be able to east at least a fifth of the fruitbasket by checkout time.
Still feeling a little odd, but a good sleep and three square meals, hopefully not of the McD’s variety, should see me right.
My hotel last night was pretty disappointing, considering it was supposed to be one of Lahore’s finest. I don’t need special personal attention, but the combination of poor check-in prcedure, no water or any drinks of any kind in the enormous and noisy fridge freezer, rattly AC, uncomfy desk chair and bathroom held together with glue was all something of a let down, particularly given the steep roomrate. Even breakfast was a failure – no clean tables, noone to take a drinks order. The reception area didn’t have any chairs, which meant I had to stand around when waiting for the partner team to pick me up. Not life-threatening stuff, but not what I’d expect for $200+. I did get to look at a beautifully restored 1928 Rolls Royce though, as used by various local dignataries over the years before a respectable retirement to the hotel lobby.
Another busy day tomorrow, then back Weds. I’m hoping Weds morning will be free, as I have a proposal to finish, but given this partner’s ability to get me in front of customers and move projects along, I will be happy, as they say here, to kindly do the needful.


2 Responses to “Rainy Lahore”

  1. Fourth Breakfast Says:

    So, when you "ask again" do you ask the same person, or do you ask up the food chain?

  2. Chris Says:

    The process is –
    – ask the same person three times.
    – join a different queue and ask the same person three times.

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