The joys of travel

Today’s journey to Lahore must be the most miserable I’ve ever taken for Sun.
I had to fly via Abu Dhabi, as all the Dubai flights were booked. Not too much of a pain, but it did mean a one and a half hour cab ride instead of a twenty minute trip.
I’m not sure what was wrong with me, but I had to stop on the way to be sick on the side of the road. Not pleasant at the best of times, even less so in 45C heat with cars whizzing by. I was sick again when I got to the airport, but managed to make it to the toilets, thank goodness.
The flight was then delayed by nearly two hours, with no announcements or explanations. Getting on the bus proved to be a complex task for many of my fellow passengers. Two families thought it was a good idea to stand around the door and block the bus for the other 50 people trying to get on so we all had to squeeze by and clamber over luggage.
The three and a bit hours to Lahore were ok. Just the usual pushing and shoving, aisle blocking and sitting in the wrong seats, but eventually everyone managed to sit down. The bloke next to me had his phone on for the whole flight, apparently mystified as to why he couldn’t get a signal.
Landing was the usual chaos, with everyone jumping out of their seats as we hurtled down the runway, being forced to sit back down by the crew, then jumping up again as soon as it looked like the plane had stopped at the gate. As with every flight, it hadn’t actually stopped, so everyone was then falling around and bumping into eachother as we started moving again. I got a laptop bag in the face, which I didn’t enjoy.
Long immigration queue, usual fight to get out of the airport as people block the exit whilst waiting for their friends and family, then an hour’s wait to leave the airport in the hotel car, whilst we waited for a guest who never turned up.
Fortunately I wasn’t sick again and didn’t feel nauseous either. Not sure what was up with me – I think I was just dehydrated and hungry. I tend to be a bit of a hypochondriac in these situations, partly becuase I am lucky enough never to be ill, most of the time. When I am unwell it’s a bit of a shock – I tend to start worrying, rather than just accepting I’m not 100% and getting on with things. This time I stayed pretty calm and just got on with things.
Anyway, the good news – I am now finally in my hotel, had a tasty sandwich, lots of (bottled) water and don’t have to get up too early. The partner will pick me up at around 1030 and we have a busy day planned. Fingers crossed I’ll be fine in the morning.
I do genuinely like coming to Pakistan. I like our partners there and the customers are always very switched on. I do wish that getting there was just a little bit easier…


One Response to “The joys of travel”

  1. Fourth Breakfast Says:

    Sorry to hear about the rough journey. Glad you are feeling better.

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