Make it less boring

I quite like going to the gym, but tend to get a bit bored after thirty minutes or so. Thumbs up to the gym here (ITC Maratha) for iPod connectors in some of their machines, even if I did sweat a bit on my nice noise reducing headphones.
Thirty minutes on the cross-trainer’s pretty dull, but an hour flies by watching Shark.
In case you’re wondering, Shark immediately knew the suspect was guilty, tried to drop the case as it didn’t look like he could win, took it back up at the last moment, harangued his team but pushed them to reach new levels of legal excellence, revealed a secret from his past, nearly lost the trial, pulled a rabbit out of the hat right at the critical moment, won the case and bonded a little more with his teenage daughter, all in roughly 45 minutes.


One Response to “Make it less boring”

  1. Thin Guy Says:

    Strength train followed by H.I.I.T. If you’re bored, you’re going too easy.

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