Gruesome, but does it work?

Driving round the UK in July I noticed lots of roads had new signs up asking drivers to be careful, along with a tally of the deaths and injuries that had occurred on that particular road or roundabout over the past years.
Pretty gruesome I thought. I wonder if they make a difference to the way people drive? As I wasn’t driving I found it hard to judge. I can see this being useful at junctions – an extra warning to pay attention. Or just an obvious reason why the junction should be redesigned?
I remember that parents at my school campaigned for ages to have a proper pedestrian crossing put in opposite the school gates. If I remember correctly, local regulations meant that nothing could change until an accident had occurred.


One Response to “Gruesome, but does it work?”

  1. Fourth Breakfast Says:

    There are some twisty mountain roads in the US that have a speed limit sign at every turn. If a fatality has occurred, they subtract a .5 from the limit (so 40 mph becomes 35.5mph), but only for the first fatality. I’m not sure this is useful as anyone out of town is not going to understand what that means.

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