I’m back in Dubai after one of the best holidays I’ve had back home for a long time.
This summer break wasn’t filled with the usual rush of visiting everyone. Mrs Saul and I took it easy and didn’t plan too much – we saw plenty of people, but without the usual running around. We split our time nicely between Mrs Saul’s family in Milton Keynes and my parents in Richmond. Perfect.
There was plenty of strolling into Richmond, walking around London and generally enjoying ourselves. For the first time in ages, I almost completely stopped looking at the time, just falling asleep when I was tired and getting up when I woke up. I also stayed almost completely away from work emails and cut back on internet time too, which made a big difference to my general levels of relaxation.
I’m very busy at work, but I really enjoy it and don’t usually feel particularly stressed as such. This means I have a tendency to look at work stuff when I’m supposed to be on holiday. Whilst I don’t really notice it, Mrs Saul can instantly tell when I’ve been looking at work things. She encouraged me to steer clear where possible and I feel much better for having done so.
Things usually quieten down during the summer, which gives me plenty of time to update all the sales material and promos I have going, sort out visas, do some hands on training and get ready for another financial year.
I’m looking forward to it.


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