Mac progress

I’m quite looking forward to using my Mac tomorrow at a proper desk with a decent internet connection. That’ll allow me to get mail synched properly, make sure all my helper apps are installed and really see whether it works for me when sitting at a properly positioned desk with a decent chair.
Current irritations are hot keys being needed to right click, sharp edges cutting into wrists when using it in cramped conditions, lack of status lights on the ethernet port and OpenOffice continually crashing. Page down hotkey doesn’t work in Firefox and OpenOffice either, which is infuriating.
The lack of page down functionality is a killer, even if it sounds petty. It’s something I use all the time when scanning large docs or online documentation.
After a few days in a normal office I’ll have a better idea of whether it’s right for me or not. Tomorrow I’ll put Windows XP on it as well. If OS X is still not for me, I’ll give it a go with XP for a bit. If things are still annoying the hell out of me, I’ll see if I can swap it with someone in the office who has a Toshiba Portege…


7 Responses to “Mac progress”

  1. Peter Kirn Says:

    I think you probably still want NeoOffice on the Mac for stability; slightly behind the OO builds but more stable.
    I’m surprised on the page down thing. Have you tried the spacebar shortcut on FF? What about FF3? There’s also the Mac "native" FF2 build:
    XP isn’t a bad option, though. How’s the new Java 6? (I hope you got a 64-bit MacBook + Leopard?)

  2. Max Says:

    If OOo is giving you grief, and you are using the Aqua Beta release, you might do better with NeoOffice
    This is a more stable and fuller-featured Aqua-native OOo derivative, dating back to the years when OOo thought the X windows port was good enough for Mac users. Same OOo code under the hood, but a lot more Mac like. Not just the UI, but use of native dialogs, text rendering, printing, media browser, etc.
    Well supported, and free

  3. Greg Says:

    For right click, you don’t have to use a hot key. You can change a setting in the control panel so you can hold two fingers on the track pad and click, giving you a right click. I use this feature all the time, it’s much better than Cmd + Click to get a right click.
    for some more info.

  4. Calum Says:

    Page Up/Down (Fn+Up/Down) definitely work in the Aqua version of OpenOffice for me. But as Max says, NeoOffice/J is a good alternative.
    I don’t use Firefox, but I do use Camino (similar to FF2 but with better Mac integration) which is also based on Gecko, and Page Up/Down works there too…

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You can attach a multi-button mouse, if you prefer.
    OSX should recognize the additional buttons.

  6. Liam Greenwood Says:

    fn-pg/arrow-dn works to page down in Firefox 2 on a Macbook for me. Though I do tend to use the space-bar to page down. Too many years using unix apps builds habits πŸ™‚

  7. alexander Says:

    You know I have an agenda, but I can’t help whispering ‘Lenovo X300’ in your ear every time I hear about this whole Mac pain thing…

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