More Mac irritations

More Mac whinges.
Earlier this evening I installed Thunderbird and Firefox and used them both happily. Now their icons have disappeared from the dock and I can’t find them.
Safari doesn’t work with my bank’s online password entry system.
The left side of the Mac is extremely warm and the right hand side is cool after being left on for four hours. This makes typing feel horrible – my left palm is sweaty and my right palm is fine. Yuck.
It’s a lot hotter than my Toshiba ever got underneath as well – my suit trousers will lose their crease if I need to adjust my presentation on my knees moments before a critical presentation 🙂 Maybe newer laptops are just like this, but I thought the new Centrinos were meant to be more power efficient. There seems to be no fan going on to cool the thing down. I’d prefer even temperatured hands if it meant a bit of fan noise.
Where’s the ‘del’ key?


5 Responses to “More Mac irritations”

  1. Calum Says:

    If you want an application to stay on the dock, you have two choices: while it’s running, ctrl/right-click its dock icon and select "Keep on dock". Or if it’s not running, drag its application icon from the file manager to the dock.
    Yes, these things get hot… some people like to use those insulating gel pad things if they’re sitting with them on their lap. There are two fans, and on most recent Mac laptops they should actually be running at 2000rpm all the time even when you’re not doing anything. You can install something like the iStat Pro dashboard widget to check their status:
    The Delete key is Fn+Backspace.

  2. Chris Says:

    Thanks Calum. I am trying to get used to it, honest!
    I suppose I’ll get used to Fn+Backspace…

  3. Calum Says:

    FWIW, a great place to ask these questions is Sun’s internal mac-users alias… there are dozens, if not hundreds of Mac users of all levels of experience on there who are always happy to help. (Provided you’ve looked for the answer on Sun’s internal Mac users website first…)

  4. Magnus Says:

    You can also try If it gets that hot, you could always use it as an iron to get creases back 🙂

  5. Liam Greenwood Says:

    To do a forward delete on a Macbook you do fn-delete
    Cheers, Liam

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