Dunkin’ Drivel

I have to add my weighty voice to the chorus of astonishment – just what is the fuss about this Dunkin’ Donuts advert all about?
An American celebrity called Rachael Ray wears a scarf in an advert. It looks a bit like the sort of scarf you might have seen various Arab people wear when you’re watching the news, if you look closely.
Some blogger calls it a symbol of terror and ‘jihadi chic’.
Regardless of whether the lady in the ad is wearing a keffiyeh or not and regardless of whether the blogging lady’s opinion matters much to anyone, Dunkin’ Donuts pull the ad, causing a storm in a teacup to turn into a tornado in a polystyrene takeway coffee cup.
What nonsense. I think one of the comments on the BBC article sums it up best –
“Can we please move on to the bigger issues at hand? Such as why Mrs. Ray’s image appears to advertise deep-fried bread and sugar at a time of record child obesity?”
I hearby vote to ban German teenagers, who have persisted for years in wearing their Palistenenser Tueche in a blatant national act of jihadi chic. And the Marlboro Man, who blatantly advocates killing Red Indians and drinkin’ whiskey to excess by wearing a cowboy hat.


One Response to “Dunkin’ Drivel”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’m amazed…….when will ignorant, dumb "world shy" Americans stop testing my support to the limits? This is the current kids’ fashion all over (as I have recently noticed). As you say, German kids have been committing the outrage for years. "Stupid whiteman"!

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