Time vacuum

Two hours ago some workmen arrived at the flat to fix the varnish on my front door.
They told me it would take one hour. Two hours on, all that appears to have happened is that the front door has been removed and everyone’s disappeared.
I hope, for the workmen’s sake more than anyhting else, that the door is returned before Mrs Saul gets home…


2 Responses to “Time vacuum”

  1. Robert Says:

    Do you find this has dampened your enthusiasm at all? Over time, you’ve never seemed unhappy (though maybe disappointed isn’t inappropriate) but every interaction with workmen or customer service is a superb example of supreme incompetence and general indifference, which fits with my experience as well.
    For a while I toyed with the idea of buying property, but decided ultimately that I’d be paying too much and receiving even less than at "home", plus the frustration cost involved in getting anything done / setup / adjusted / fixed would be too much.

  2. Chris Says:

    We definitely did the right thing buying, at least with the market the way it was at the time, both in terms of new properties and in terms of rents going up each year. We were looking at slightly larger places in the same development the other day, just out of interest, but they are now way, way out of our price range, even if we sold this place and took out a huge mortgage. Thanks to Mrs Saul’s wisdom and foresight, we moved at the right time. We may be on the ladder though, but we’re still very much on the bottom rung if we do need to move for some reason. With hindsight, we should probably have bought a three bed rather than a two bed, but we did the right thing at the time buying what we did.
    In terms of getting simple things done, I fully expected it to be frustrating. The overall vision is incredible and what’s been achieved is really quite amazing. It’s understandable that certain details would be overlooked – I expected that. I also expected it to be an uphill struggle to get those details addressed. Not fun, but I knew what it’d be like from the outset – just part and parcel of living in this part of the world.
    If I had the money, I would be buying more property here. The people who had the cash and took the risk upfront have made millions. Places bought in the Marina for 800,000Dhs three to four years ago are renting out at 180,000 a year and are worth upwards of 3 million plus!

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