Magic repairs

Me: Hi, Chris speaking.
Caller: Hello.
Me: Hello.
Caller: Hello.
Me: Hello.
This helloing back and forth continues for the obligatory ten minutes.
Me: Will you please stop saying hello and just tell me who you are and why you’re calling?
Caller: Are you Zafaraan 2, 203.
Me: Yes.
Caller: Your balcony is unblocked?
Me: No, I logged call to get the blocked drainage hole unblocked.
Caller: It is unblocked?
Me: No, that’s why I logged a call.
Caller: Noone come to unblock it?
Me: No, I’ve been out all day.
Caller: Still blocked?
Me: Obviously, yes.
Caller: Ok, bye.
Me: Hang on, why are you calling?
Caller: To see if blocking is there. Someone will call you tomorrow to arrange an appointment for unblocking.
Me: Erm, ok.
Caller: Did anyone come today?
Me: I’ve already answered that question.
Caller hangs up.
30 seconds later, the phone rings again. It’s the same guy. We go back and forth with the hellos again…
Me: Why are you calling me again?
Caller: You are Zafaraan 2, 203?
Me: Yes, nothing’s changed from when you called me two minutes ago.
Caller: Your plug socket fixed?
Me: No, I logged a call for it be fixed. I’m waiting for someone to call me to arrange a time to come and fix it.
Caller: Noone came?
…and on and and on.
Noone called today to arrange to come and fix anything.


One Response to “Magic repairs”

  1. Stephan Geyer Says:

    Oh, classic. Hahahaha…

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