Thanks to the wisdom and foresight of the traffic police, things have got a lot better on Dubai’s roads recently.
It used to be quite normal, driving down the Sheikh Zayed Rd, to have a car drive two feet behind you at 120Kmh +, flashing its lights at you. The flashing lights were a request to get out of the way, whether there were cars in front of you or not and whether it was safe or possible to move to the inside lane or not. The implication was that the person behind you had to be somewhere so urgently that he was willing to kill you and himself to get there as quickly as possible.
This hardly happens now and the roads are much safer as a result. The other day I was wondering what had happened to Mr Flashy Flashy and his tailgating cousins. Had they seen the safety light?
Apparently they now all drive on the Dubai-Highway, making the journey into Muscat a rather nostalgic driving experience for this Dubai resident.


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