No too pricey…

Collected the RR today.
The oil leak was fixed easily, by replacing the oil filter – something was broken on it, hence the slight leak.
Wheels were balanced and the car test driven, so it looks like the vibration has gone. I still think it’s pulling to the right slightly, which is irritating – I see no reason why this should still be happening on a car like this. Things weren’t too expensive as there was nothing major to repair.
I’m driving it to Muscat on Monday for some customer meetings on Tues and Weds. A good five hour road trip each way should show whether the steering issue’s fixed.
Fingers crossed this is the last issue for now. I’m getting tired of having the cars in the garage continually. I knew there’d be maintenance costs involved if we bought the RR, I just wish they’d occur conveniently around the time of each service, rather than randomly in between the usual 5,00Kmhs service interval… When it’s working the car is simply beautiful to drive, so we’ll stick with it for now, providing it behaves itself over the coming months. If it doesn’t we’ll bid a tearful farewell, write a rude letter to Land Rover and get a secondhand Nissan which will be boring but thoroughly dependable.


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