New visa time

It’s that time again – my UAE residence visa is being renewed. August 8 will see my having been here for six years – look forward to another retrospective ‘another year in Dubai post’!
When you renew your residence visa you take a blood test to ensure you don’t have HIV, syphillis and one or two other things.
Each year I know full well that I don’t have HIV (or anything else), but each year the worry kicks in. What if something hitherto unknown to medical science had happened and I was infected? It’s ridiculous, but I can’t get it out of my mind until I hear everything’s fine.
I attribute this irrational fear to the terrifying AIDS awareness ads that ran in the UK in the 80s. You can get an idea of what they were like here. Pretty hard hitting. I expect they were pretty influential – they certainly frightened me!


One Response to “New visa time”

  1. Bluey Says:

    of course there is also the rumour that they don’t even test half of them, or any of them, and it’s all a "tax"…

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