In the garage again

I need to buy shares in our local garage.
Fresh from the radiator blowing up, the Wrangler then came out of a regular service with a 2,300Dhs bill ($625). Now it’s been in again as the AC fan’s not been working – that’ll cost another 2,300Dhs.
The Range Rover’s got a lot of wobble coming through the steering wheel at over 100Kmhs and hour and seems to have an oil leak – it is a Land Rover, after all. It’s way off a service, but it’ll have to go in to be looked at and will doubtless cost money.
The wobble irritates me – when it was being serviced I pointed out a very mild wobble and slight pull to the right to the garage. They did an ‘electronic’ wheel balance, but when I got it back it was clear they’d not tested it properly as the problem was still there. Now it’s got worse. Dammit.


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